Tuesday, 31 March 2015

His Mistress

He is a man of 35 who looks in his early twenties. He is gorgeous, well built, has clear skin, of a lighter tone- almost pale, speaks well and is also married. I mean, I know it's easy to like someone like that, maybe even fall in love. 

I am a girl, 17 years old. Stout, of all bad habits, messed up pretty sorts, have a habit of biting my lower lip and giving horribly seductive looks for no rhyme nor reason. Hopeless, crazy, romantic with a dirty mind. Have a past. Domestic violence, but over it. 

The Spring Is Over

It's a gym thing. I had recently- no, not so recently now-  joined the gym and to my surprise got surrounded by really hot boys and men. I am not the sort of girl who'd approach a person of the opposite sex so easily. Even though I am very outgoing and very loud, I am reserved and patient. And I usually get what I want, everything I want, even though I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I was lifting light weights when, suddenly, I looked at this dark eyed man staring at me. He was wearing black track-pants and a black vest. He has a broad chest with his muscles buffed up. Even though his muscles are well defined and properly shaped, he doesn't look like a body builder or a body guard or a disc bouncer. He smiled at me and then helped me lift the weights in the right way. He's standing behind me, way too close, his mouth was near my neck, I could hear him breath and almost feel his breath against my neck. His soft hands slightly and lightly touched my forearms. A chill ran down my spine. He is a delight to look at. He then, after my rep finished, introduced himself to me and extended his arm. His arms are long, sparsely hairy with well defined muscles- just the way I like them. As soon as we clasped our hands together, I felt it again. The chill. We'd just met and he'd already done something to me without even doing anything. He is so well versed, and is such a gentleman, its almost insane. It's the first time I have ever felt this way, that too for a married man. I mean, he has what not. Command over the languages, a good sense of dressing, a dimple, nice lips, mysterious eyes and so much more. There is something intense about him. He is driving me crazy, already. I am having thoughts of infidelity.